Building Resources
Resourcing and Resource Intensification

    What gives you strength, peace and/or joy in your life? or

    Describe a person, place, animal or spiritual belief that sustains or nurtures you?
you describe the resource, bring your attention to what is happening inside.

    Where in your body do you feel the sensations that are pleasing or neutral to you about your resource? Take your time…

    Notice what is happening inside as you think about the resource and notice the sensations that are pleasant to you and/or neutral.

    Notice what is happening to your breath….heart rate…muscle relaxation.

    Bring awareness to the changes that are pleasant or neutral.

    Do you notice any new feelings, thoughts or beliefs or not? (If there are, bring attention to the sensations).  If there are, notice all the pleasant and/or neutral sensations connected to the new feeling, thought or belief?

    To end, bring your attention to your whole body and notice all the changes that have happened.  Stay with that for a few moments.  Know that you can return to this resource anytime you are bumped out of your Resilient Zone or you can select a new resource and repeat the exercise.